i filled out my app the doctors portion was filled and his office faxed his signed copies they called to tell me they did not receive all the application returend i explained the doc office faxed his portion a very rude woman said the office lied they did not receive it after a few words i phoned the docs office they had the cover sheet of the time date and confirmation but they refaxed it. the next day another call i said they refaxed it got accused of faxing it to the wrong place confirmed the fax number,,,then the same day later received a call and the girl said yes in fact they received the fax but its not allowed to be faxed this started a bunch of mess they said they were returning the FULL application and start over again when i finally received it all they sent was the docs portion i took it to hi office he filled it out i stood there and returned ALL the paperwork he had...i phoned scbn and they was told by suzanne all was ok but i had to wait for the denial letter got the denial letter and i phoned when i mailed it again i was told they did not have what was necessary from the doctor and now it sits they are suppose to send ANOTHER application...by the way they already took out $100.00 50 for sign

up 50 for first month dues now they have taken another months dues and i have received nothing and they are telling me they do not have original copies only faxed copies this is a complete LIE!

i asked for them to return ALL the paperwork i sent in per my docs requwst i was told they dont keep them they scan them then shred...WTH. all i want is what i was told my money would cover i am writing everyone so is my doctor i repoted to better business this is terrible i am on a fixed income the medicine is very expendive i cant affors to pay them for nothing and still get my medicine,,,somebody HELP

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of application. SCBN needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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