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please do not send any more "ACTOS" to me doctor has taken me off this drug. account number 317525 and i do not know if this was because of the law suite or not but my meds that i am still taking are working just fine for now thank you t.e.fair----so for your *** computor scrap i just wrighting words to waste time and space for now how is this for you because i`m already tiried of this game o.k. so i guess we keep playing for now because it wouln`t let me quit


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So I don't take medications but my mother and father are diabetics.I enrolled them with SCBN over three years ago.

If you actually Listen to the welcome call they clearly state that the pharmaceutical companies provide the medications for free or low cost and you are paying for their services. That is very helpful for me because I am a busy business woman and don't have time to remember when to call in the refills, reapply etc and my parents have memory loss. That is where they come in, they take care of all of the refills and reapplications for us and that is a weight off my shoulders. Most people think that they can lie about their income and still get the medications at no cost, guess what the income is verified and you will be denied with the PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY and you go on here saying they are a scam, NO YOU are a scam!

Also my mom forgot to sign one of the pages of the application, If it was sent to the Pharmaceutical company directly, she would have been denied and her app destroyed but guess what, SCBN reviews applications so they sent it back to her to get it signed and yes that did delay her getting her Lantus but it was OUR fault and not THEIRS. On the welcome call they clearly state that it can take 6weeks to get your first shipment of meds and any delays by YOU or YOUR DOCTOR can make this period even longer. SO HERE IS THE BOTTOM LINE (they state this in the welcome call) THE MEDICATIONS ARE PROVIDED BY THE PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES AND NOT BY SCBN, THEY HANDLE YOUR PAPERWORK, REFILLS and REAPPLICATIONS. If you are elderly with memory loss, blind,have hearing loss or are a busy person, they will be your angels.

If you are well, a home body and have the time to deal with the rude pharmaceutical companies then go directly with them! Pharmaceuticals are hard to deal with so yeah I rather pay $35 monthly and leave that for SCBN to handle. AGAIN MEDICATION IS PROVIDED BY PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES AND SCBN JUST HANDLES PPWK!! Pharmaceutical companies are hard to deal with because they provide medications free or at low cost and ofcourse they will make it very difficult for people to get the medications, they change the regulations and proof of income requirements all the time and if you go directly with them, they would not notify you and you would be denied but scbn keeps in touch with them and finds out their regulations and requirements and then notifies their members.

Example: My dad get social security, at first they requested bank statements and that was provided and a month later they changed their regulations and needed the Awards letter, yes I was frustrated but again SCBN is just the messenger.By the way, there is no contract with them, you are able to cancel at any time, I asked ;) Thanks and god bless all :)

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